Smashing Conf: Cohesive UX

Cameron Moll currently works at authentic job.  He talked about how we should make the experience cohesive across different platform and devices. You can find his slides here.

  • the story of Brooklyn project: we made mistake throughout our career and thought it’s the end of the world. But when looking back, it’s okay.
  • As designer, we use users mental model to make the experience work
  • It’s all about content, the platform doesn’t matter anymore, audience just want story
  • With all different devices emerging, different sizes, it’’s hard to define what’s mobile anymore 

Responsive design

  • ask yourself, does your site disable pinch and zoom? We thought we know what users want on mobile devices, users have the choices to device how they want content to be displayed
  • Take pintrest as example, on desktop the experience is awesome but on phone it only has one column instgram like experience
  • When zoom in, the content flow
  • It ends where the browser ends, but we should consider all different possibilities
  • The best interface is the one within reach


  • none: mobile devices, but there are no clear line anymore
  • verb: mobile doesn’t necessary mean you’re being mobile, and in fact, 77% of mobile searches happen at home or work
  • One of the problem is moving between different devices 
  • Cohesive UX: forming a united whole. It’s not replicating the experience. 
  • Unified UX
    • Form and Function
    • Data Symmetry 
    • More than 40% of all online US users start an activity on one device and finish on another
    • Zappos: shopping cart items on desktop but lose the items on mobile
  • Sync not only the content, but consider actions as well

Suggestion to cohesive UX

  • Inventory all elements that comprise the UX and choosey them including the tone
  • Store session data in the cloud rather than locally
  • Consider using web views when develop native app
  • Consider changing click to tap/press
  • Respect mental model