Smashing Conf: Are We Having Fun Yet?

Trent Walton spoke about how our perception is different from others, we(designers+developers+product managers) should evolve our vision together. You can find the slides here.

  • Perception isn’t reality because people see things differently. Same on web: perception of the web =/= reality of the web
  • Our perception changes, but doesn’t mean other people in the company changes
  • A foundation where perfection evolve together, instead of waterfall method, hand off design documents, work together so we can see the same thing the same way 
  • Change the way of thinking “i want this to implement my way” to “let’s work together on our things"
  • When showing a already polished design, it’s hard to get conversation starting. Instead, show the raw design/sketches
  • Have better meeting: when pass 10 minutes, people could get into details that’s based on speculation and no research at all
  • A picture is worth a thousand words, a prototype is worth a thousand meetings -IDEO
  • Respond with all the questions and doubts with “What if I just show you”. It’s interesting when showing the code and how it affect the UI, it puts people in different mind set. They now know it’s real.
  • As designer, we should just to extend our skills, we don't necessary need to be really good at it, but always try new skills!
  • Designers and developers shouldn’t be rivals ,  trust each other
  • Prototype won’t leave you nothing!