Smashing Conf: The Future Of The Web

Pete Smart showed us what's magical for us today and how the future would be like. The slides are here.

The future of the web is tangible

  • touch is one the first sense we have. human respond to touch faster than other senses
  • Haptics - how we respond to touch. But how we respond to touch in virtual world? 
  • touch gesture- tactile feedback to receive depth, edges, smooth, rough
  • Apple release new haptic technology, how would that change our experience? Think about shopping, how would feeling the material could affect our shopping behavior
  • Embodied cognition: not just what people think, it’s how they interact impact how they think and how they learn
  • Usability: how would filling out form and how the tactile sensation can have influence and improve experience

Te future of the web is adaptive

  • devices are driven by senses
  • Security: location, fingerprint, heart rate
    • These create unique identification about us, it’s like our digital footprint
    • image not need to come up with password again, but they’re really bad, it’s guessable, hackable and forgettable
    • Mutliple sensors: heartbeat to open car/phone because it’s unique
  • Mutation
    • What does it mean for web? Mutation starts in responsive design
    • Dynamic changes to the appearance of a website, depending on the device factors being used to view it
  • Avatars
    • personal computing 
    • smart pin - location, connect devices
    • when it’s driven by personal data, the future of the web adapt to us

The future of the web is invisible

    • chris lehmann “technology must be like oxygen: ubiquitous necessary and invisible"
    • Design couldn’t be invisible, but it can fit into the culture and make it integrate seamlessly 
    • ambient interfaces: when interface can be invisible and visible when required
    • microsoft only touch
    • how should there interfaces be designed: when can these things be seen as part of our physical world instead of interfaces