An Event Apart: Content/Communication

Kristina Halvorson talked about the communication among the team and how to take initiative when others don't necessarily inviting for UX.


  • A PRINCIPLE internally motivates us to do things that seem good and right. It makes us feel empower as a team to do things. No matter how far you dig into a  website, you see this principles (Good example: GOV.UK)
  • start with principle will not only provide context but also provide identity 


  1. this content is not for us:  is this what our users need?
  2. responsive does not equal reactive
  3. the story informs the format: start with objective, figure out what objective is
  • Strategy that allows you to do anything is the worst strategy 
  • good strategy helps you prioritize 
  • keep ourselves accountable to our team


  • Do not make process your god
  • maintain that conversation
  • keep improving and updating your process
  • don’t just look at the the next step, but look at what can you do as a team
  • ARTIFACTS ARE TOOLS, NOT OUTCOMES, they are here to inform activity


RACI Model: Responsible, accountable, consulted, informed

R – Who is responsible for completing a task?

A – Who is accountable for the work’s success?

C – Who must be consulted before work can be signed-off on?

I – Who must be kept informed along the way? 

  • All people 
  • Make sure everyone is aligned on terminology (we thought you meant….)
  • Identify timing issues, overlapping responsibilities.


  • don’t worry about being stupid and ask “can you tell me a little bit more””tell me where you’re coming from"
  • they don’t sit down and talk, or use a different language
  • “ask” all the time