An Event Apart: Mind The Gap

Josh Clark talked about as designer, we should think about the gap between devices. It's not only about file syncing, but about a continuity of a task, where users can pick up where he left off from one device to another.

Physical Interaction

  • Design not only your mouse and keyboard, other kind of interactions 
  • natural physicality is considered 
  • Misfit shine syncing has nothing to do with screen. It has to be close enough to sync, so they make this beautiful interaction to make it sync
  • music syncing from phone to computer, double tab 
  • it’s not a challenge of technology, it’s a challenge of imagination. Never ever try to out-mouse the mouse, when looking at different input method, do something the mouse can’t do. The technology is there, we just need to start thinking about all different kind of input 

Physical & Digital

  • software let the hardware be a portal to people
  • reminder: when devices start to connect, there is possibility to be hacked 
  • mindful for security when thinking about smart devices
  • Software is political. It’s your value to the society. Be mindful of what we are designing. we should amplify human nature
  • We decide what we work for and what we work on, when designing the experiences, we guide those behaviors. There are real value to think about. Think about the data we’re going to be tracking. 


  • Plan for gadget hop so users can hop from one to another (shopping cart from one device to another)
  • design not just for screens, but design for sensors, how can we use these things to create user interface
  • we are surrounding by technology that we can make something amazing
  • It becomes extension to ourselves