Video: Interacting With a Dynamic Shape Display

It amazed me how tangible objects can be combined with intangible visualization. This is the most amazing video that I have seen in the year of 2013. Imagine how you can do with this in the future: visualize the marketing/sales graph, creating playful interaction between you and your phone, etc. I would definitely get one if it hands me my cell phone like that. : )

Video: The fear of losing creativity

Elizabeth Glibert pointed out what most people don't want to say: we are now too afraid of losing creativity and it in fact stops us from nurturing creativity. We are expected to be creative, and to be successful. Not only our parents, our friends, teachers, boss, colleagues, children have expectations on ourselves, we has the same expectation too. As a result, we are afraid of being fail. We are even more afraid of being success, because we are afraid it would be the most successful thing we will ever do and we will never exceed that. We live under great pressure, worrying not being creative and successful.  However, no matter the work is successful or not, we should keep doing the things we love.