Single-Page websites become a trend?

Browsing through the internet, I didn’t even realize there are so many single-page websites until I start to build one recently for my friend’s wedding website. I have a mix feeling for single-page websites. I think designers can definitely do some really cool stuff by using single-page, lots of transition and interaction. However, I also always are afraid I might get lost and no choice but to scroll all the way to the bottom, and expect I can go back to the top from there.

Like all my other answers to a lot of design questions, is it good to have a single-page website, “IT DEPENDS”. It depends what you want to achieve and what do you want user to experience.

I think for smaller company, or start-up, projects, or simple structure website, single-page is definitely one way to explore the ideas. For corporate website, e-commerce where you want to the website to be the portal for current users and potential users, single-page website would probably be ideal.

It’s also important to be careful what kind of hint, or visual cue you provide for users when designing single-page website. If you definitely want user to scroll through, having a sticky menu might not be necessary. However, if you want users to follow the flow, then having an arrow to click through might be a good idea.

Think about the goal and what you want user to see or to do before you implement single-page website.