Avoid the Pains of Pagination

What is the right length of a web page?What should be put within the same page, what should go to the next one?

This article Avoid the Pains of Pagination tells us some principles that we should consider when designing one. A few recommendations I find it interesting and useful.

  1. Pages shouldn’t be so short
  2. Filter is a way to reduce content and contraint users to what is important to them.
  3. Making click target bigger.
  4. Pagination shouldn’t need First and the Last.
  5. This is an interesting point for me. While I was designing something similar the other day, I put the first and the last next to previous and next, didn’t doubt not to. However, to my own experience, the first and the last are nearly useless. People don’t just go to the last one if there are tons of them. So why are we putting there? 
  6. When the page is way to many, like 1000, don’t need to show the page. (Ecommerce site is an exception because customers need to know how many items are there and locate the products they once browse)
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