An Event Apart: Designing Using Data

In Sarah Parmenter's talk at An Event Apart in Boston MA 2014, she emphasized the importance of using data as research evidence to design.

Instincts are experiments. Data is proof.

  • “Many designers who are skilled technicians, craftsmen, or researchers have struggled to survive in the messy environment required to solve today’s complex problems. They may play a valuable role, but they are destined to live in the downstream world of design execution.” 
  • It makes stakeholders believe when we present our design with data or research
  • Back up decision. Instead of just doing what you do and not asking enough of why, understand as much as you can. I don’t know any of the terminology, but I would dig a little deeper than others.
  • Example: Airbnb did a research on images and result shows that professional images have 2-3 times more click than non-professional image. We need to stop decorating, stop designing, start strategy.
  • If a strategy can’t predict outcomes, our strategy is broken
  • When establish persona, we use Facebook, it is the cheapest why that we can run ads and see who is engaging 
  • Watch out for small hints, small things really allow us to stand out
  • Look for patterns (holiday, monday, birthday), it impacts users behavior
  •  Order of the importance of the content matters.  When you resize, it stays in order
  • Communicate your findings that your users can relate.