Book: Everything is Miscellaneous

Started to read “Everything is Miscellaneous”. 

Already like this book. Got a good quote “the solution to the overabundance of information is more information.” Indeed, among all these miscellaneous, human beings try to categorize them in a way they can reuse the information, items, object again. I wonder if that is human nature to categorize thing. Now, we often times need to know the gender, the education level, where the person is from, etc. Then based on these categories, we know how to better interact with the person. I myself try not to categorize things in order to interact, but it is not that easy. Whether the desire to categorize if part of human nature, or it’s a process of social construction. 

Back to the quote, we do try to categorize in so many ways, in order to save more time, and improve efficiency. We value efficiency, and that’s way that we categorize information. Too much information is not always bad. We use information to organize information, in order to better retrieve information. 

However, will it keep growing or will it stops? The information itself and the way to organize it expands quickly. Letting users to categorize information is a good way to transfer the cost from information producer to information consumer. I wonder what will happen next?