Trend Micro


I had been a UX researcher at Trend Micro Human Interface Engineering department the summer of 2011. I did competitive analysis, interview and usability testing for Control Manager, deep security and Data Loss Prevention, both are key products in enterprise product suite.


May-Aug 2011


UX research, interview, usability testing, competitive analysis

UX research

During the internship, I mainly focus on research methodologies, some of the things I did include:

  • Created and promoted personas throughout the company by holding workshops and presentations
  • Conducted user testing with remote customers in Europe and the US through WebEx
  • Evaluated company's product advantages by conducting competitive analysis with competitors’ products as well as internal products
  • Evaluated the internal communication flow by conducting contextual inquiry and workflow analysis


Competitive Analysis

To gather more information about features, I was responsible to figure out our strength and weakness. I researched the major competitors in the market and created a feature by feature comparison powerpoint. I gave the presentation to not only designers as well as project manager, to help with feature planning.