Stellar is a mobile application that makes sharing and saving trips with friends easy. Each trip has a stellar-like visualization, and each dot represent a location in the trip. The visualization is created based on the proximity of each location. 




May 2015


Logo design, icon, wireframe, comp, ux 


When planning and reviewing a trip, I found myself always trying to search on individual location and try to find out where they are related to other locations. If I plan to go next time, there is no easy way to see what would be the best route. Another problem that I encounter is there is no easy way to share trips with my friends, I always have to give them my spreadsheet full of places and restaurants (which can be quite messy).

I decided to start this project for easier trip creation and sharing. I asked a couple of my friends, and they currently don't have way to share their trips other than photos and spreadsheets. 


If I'm not sketching on paper, I am probably using one of my favorite iPad app - Paper - to sketch out app flow. Below I sketch out the browsing flow and creation flow.

Story Map

I heard about story map during smashing conference 2015 and want to tried it out to illustrate how users will use Stellar.


Once the flow is done, I started to sketch out different pages.


Sign up

There are different ways people can sign up, using their existing Facebook or Google account, or create a new account.

Add Profile

Upon sign up, users can add their profile picture. Profile picture make sharing more fun and personal.


Stellar (Trip) List

The home page is a list of trips for users to browse. They can see their own trip and friends' trip.

Each trip will has it's own unique visualization. Each dot represent one location, and the visualization is created based on location proximity.

Single Trip View

Each trip will have the star map on the top. When viewing photo, the dot will be highlighted so users know where they are in the trip.

Trip Creation

Users can add multiple locations in one trip. They can also add multiple photos in each location.