PUN TIME is a cross platform application that helps people enjoy dessert and spend time with friends by searching and locating restaurants based on reviews and distance. With different platforms and responsive website, people don't need to worry about finding a good place to hangout and enjoy good dessert anymore. 


July-Dec 2014


Research, logo design, icon, wireframe, ux 


I travel back to my home country once a year. When I go back, most of the time I hang out with friends in restaurants with nice dessert and quality tea. I absolutely love the experience in the restaurant.

However, I realize how difficult it is to find a good place to go. Most of the time, I found my self googling "dessert" and end up with tons of blogs. I realized that there are no good platform for people to go to, and often times, the restaurants are not adapted to technology. 

Interview & Research

We started by interviewing our friends who love to eat dessert. What we found is that

  • People don't go to new places unless they read/heard good things about it
  • People don't trust the current applications for restaurant because they fear the data is faked
  • Hanging out with friends is the biggest reason for eating out
  • Location matters but people also don't mind commuting 


After understand people's need, I started on the flow and sketches.



Once the flow is done, I started to sketch out different pages and different screen sizes.

Style Tile

To make the look consistent across platform, I created a style tile including different elements.


wireframe -Home page.png