Day8 9/16

We started with synthesize, feature dump and ends with scenario writing. There are so many different directions and features, going broad and converge is an important step to keep us on track.


1 be open to other people's idea

2 know who are we designing for  

3 "don't design without scenario, because you need to know why and who you're designing for" 

Day7 9/15

My birthday! Learning about user map, stakeholder map and a lot more. Try to role play and felt I did a horrible job. There was a stakeholder check in and I was asked why do we do this. I froze and and just couldn't find word. My brain stop working. 

1 know its not gonna be perfect

2 there is so much to learn

3 it is okay to fail

Day6 9/14

First day in SF! Went into the wrong floor. First time meeting Kim and Tim, shuqiao, will, Roxanne. And David and Jing from LA office. 

1 intense learning

2 try to speak up as much as possible

3 strike conversation 


Day 5 (9/13)

Excited for tomorrow's training. Hop on to the plane and here I am in SF! 

  1. New city is excited and scary at the same time
  2. Metro in Taiwan is so much more friendly because it tells you where you are. I have to count the stations to know where to get off
  3. I have this super power to always guess the wrong direction... >< 

Day 4 (9/11)

Interesting Beach project from Abby, designing signage for D+F space. Did a brainstorming session with Nina, Jing. 


  1. No ideas is stupid! Just get your ideas out (don't feel embarrassed)
  2. Be open to criticism
  3. Ask questions! Lots of them.

Day 3 (9/10)

Play ping pong with coworkers. It's a lot of fun, should bring my paddle to work next week. More shadowing. Sitting in retro and discussion. Meeting conflict becomes inevitable!


  1. People really like ping pong! but not all of them
  2. Meeting conflicts! Let the organizer know in advance : )
  3. Pair with Jing doing beach design project. Fun! Just bounce idea from each other

Day 2 (9/9)

My first shadowing with Darcie. 

They were sketching out ideas and validating ideas. Prep for usability. 

Also met another client designer Linda.


  1. Ask people if they're open to shadowing. They would love to help.
  2. Be open to ideas and changes (observation from shadowing)
  3. When talk about design, keep persona in mind

Day 1 (9/8)

New job! New apartment! I feel like I'm in a completely new life stage. Everything is new and exciting. 

Kind of nervous how my first day will go. I have been in in house designer for a little more than 3 years. It's very comfortable for me, and maybe a little bit too comfortable.

Greeted by John and met Diana and Ambarish during breakfast. Brief orientation by Abby and got my new mac!


  1. You started to receive email even before you started!
  2. Account set up is not fun! (spent some times to learn that concur and peoplesource can't be set up until you're in the system for a week)
  3. Ask! People are willing to help, so just ask!