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At Pivotal, “always be kind” is one of our core philosophies. We work with client in our office, and we always have pivots traveling from different locations. We want people to feel comfortable when they travel to Pivotal LA. The Pivotal.LA site is where people can find out what’s happening  around our office. 



I worked on the website with another developer as a side project early 2017. I did research around the needs for client and traveling Pivot, as well as developed the branding, visual and information flow.



Our office director got the Pivotal.la domain but weren’t sure what to do with it. A developer and I volunteered to build the site and make it useful. We sat down and started thinking about who would find this useful. We identified 3 personas and talked to each to understand what would help them when they first came to the office.

  • Traveling Pivots
  • New Hires
  • Clients

Every office is slightly different

The developer and I both traveled quite a bit to different offices, we experienced pain when we first arrived at a new location, the office hour could be different, conference rooms were difficult to find, and office events were different too. Knowing office hour, where the conferences are, and what are the recurring events are most helpful when first visiting a new office. 

Who to look for help 

Leadership team and happiness team are most critical when it comes to running the offices and assisting daily operation. Quickly identify who they are and put a face to the names make it easier when encountering problems in the office. This is especially helpful for clients because they don’t have internal channel for support. 

What are people working on

Understanding what this office focus is on is helpful to get a sense of people’s perspectives toward the culture and Pivotal practices. For clients, it’s useful to know who they’re working with. The client sponsor might have a clear idea of what Pivotal does, but not everyone on the ground had the same understanding. 



Making clients feeling at ease leads to successful engagement

Pivotal is a software development consultancy. We believe by working alongside with our client in our environment, we enable them on agile development, balanced team, and open communication. And because clients come to our office since day one, making them feel comfortable is crucial. 

Visiting Pivots should feel welcomed and supported

We travel a lot to different offices, and it could be disoriented when first get to a new office even though it’s the same company. 




The LA office is located right next to the beach in Santa Monica, and the culture is chill and very open. I created a color palette that is faded, to capture the chill culture.




Sunny and beach is a common impression for Los Angeles. To make it memorable, I tried combining these ideas with typography. 

Logo exploration.png



We went with one-page layout because we want people to grab information and go. It started with office statistics to let people know who is in the LA office. Then followed by what we do and what people are writing about on Pivotal Medium. Office layout and operation hour are important for first-time visitors, as well as events in the office. Toward the bottom is map highlighting restaurants and coffee shops near the office that people recommend, and leadership and happiness team. 

Pivotal LA